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The Newell Family

The wines of Newell Vineyards are an extension of the Newell family itself, reflecting a proud family legacy of integrity, character and passion for life.

Jay and Shannon Newell, co-owners of Newell Vineyards, have long had a love affair with fine wines. From their home on the Monterey Peninsula, the couple spent years visiting California's Napa Valley wine country nearly every weekend, developing an appreciation for the region's wide spectrum of wines while dreaming of owning their own vineyard and producing wines under their own label.

That dream has come true in Newell Vineyards, where Jay and Shannon have woven together the family's rich tapestry of diverse skills and disciplines to create classical wines of the highest quality.

Jay brings years of experience in professional landscaping to his role at Newell Vineyards. He is the son of Minton Newell, Sr., a successful real estate developer, and Manisse Newell, a world renowned floral designer and event planner. Our Manisse Chardonnay is a tribute to Jay's mother, who has designed floral arrangements for Queen Elizabeth, the San Francisco Opera and numerous other notable clients. With a warmth and sparkle that light up the room, Manisse is a truly remarkable woman, and a fitting namesake for our equally remarkable Chardonnay.

A successful marketing professional, Shannon now lends her expertise to sharing the wines of Newell Vineyards with the world.

Even the Newells' young twins, Minton and Mackenzie, play a key role in the family business. Their likeness appears on the label of every bottle of Newell Vineyards wine - a visible reminder of the family's extraordinarily personal commitment to quality, taste and value
The Newell Family

Jay and Minton J. Newell

Shannon Newell
Minton Jr. and Mackenzie Newell

Manisse Newell with Grandchildren Minton Jr. and Mackenzie Newell

Newell Twins Picking Grapes